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1. No vehicular incidents.
Complete! There were a couple of "exciting incidents" with the rental, especially in relation to the rotaries, but we made it out completely unscathed - fantastic.

2. Tea shall be thrown into the harbor.
Sadness - we were down there a whole bunch of times, but we kept forgetting to throw in the tea bag that we had snatched from the room. I still have it - maybe I'll put it in the scrapbook or something.

3. Consumption of a lobster roll.
Done. Had it at the Espresso Love Cafe on Martha's Vineyard. It was quite enjoyable and seems ridiculously easy to make.

4. At least one bout of uncontrollable laughter.
Ok, it's called circling the hotel area forever while trying not to end up running over American Indians, or whatever it is that they're keeping on Chickatawbut Road.

5. One lighthouse. It doesn't even have to be functional.
Chatham Light - did it on Cape day. It was functional, too, though not open for tours when we were there.

6. One amazing dessert.
Finale desserts. You just can't go to Boston without going to this place. And honestly, that mousse that Maura had at the Legal Sea Foods was pretty to-die-for, too.

7. The learning of at least one new thing that I didn't know before that is really cool.
I consider learning that there are places in the world where waffle cones are being made with globs of rice krispie good on them, and palces where cupcakes are being injected with ice cream and covered with chocolate really cool. There was other interesting historical stuff, the fact that I had no idea that there would be three different kinds of whales off the cost of Boston, and a bunch of others.

8. One really good picture of my like, totally, BFF and me.
There are a bunch. I think Maura has copies of them.

9. Personal discovery. Is that too deep?
I don't know. I'll have to think about it.

10. Fun!
Tons. Loved it.

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The way home.

-17 °C

I dropped off the rental car key early in the morning so that we wouldn't get charged for another day and then fell back asleep. I finally woke up pretty late; thankfully, there wasn't much to do since we had packed 95% of our stuff the night before. We checked out and the shuttle guy was nice enough to make a special trip to take us to the mall. We thought we would grab a quick, good lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, but there was nothing quick about it. We ordered, and after a while the waiter came over and told us that our order would be out shortly (we had only ordered a pizza and parmesan chicken, it wasn't like it was something super-special), but then 20 minutes later we still didn't have food. I joked that they had probably burned it the first three times that they made it and then the manager came over and told us that they had indeed burned it twice. It must have been at least another 20 minutes and we were getting to the point of being in danger of missing the shuttle to the T when the food finally rolled out. It really seemed like they should have offered us some sort of compensation for sitting there for almost an hour while we saw people constantly coming in, getting their food, and then leaving. We ended up snarfing down what we could and then running to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. We got our stuff, and as was the case throughout the trip, our Charlie card didn't let us down. We were at the airport in plenty of time. Which was good because we got off at my terminal, terminal B, but were told that we needed to go to the terminal B across the street (shouldn't it really be named something else if it's across the street?) and when I checked in, the woman tagging my luggage nearly threw my drivers license into oblivion when she slid it across the counter and it fell between the self-check in stand and the counter. Luckily it was retrieved and the rest of the journey home was uneventful. I can't believe the week went by so quickly. There were still several things that we didn't get to do (JFK Presidential Library/Museum, some of the cute restaurants in the North End) that I would like to do someday if I make it back. All in all, I really enjoyed the city and would highly recommend as a fun place to go in the US.

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Kennedy Kulture

(But without a stop at Chappaquiddick)

semi-overcast 24 °C

The plan for the day revolved around exploring Cape Cod...we really
didn't have a plan or an itinerary, but we knew it would involve a
lighthouse, somewhere, someplace along the cape. We decided to make
Hyannis the first stop on our trek. Hyannis was actually quite nice
(despite the rain & fog) and it seemed to be a vacation spot without the
throngs of tourists. We made the JFK museum the first stop. It was a
nice little museum, which focused on the Kennedy family and their times
in Hyannisport, without being political or focusing on the assassination
or other tragedies in the family. Afterward, we found a little French
cafe for lunch, where I experienced cranberry-flavored mayonnaise, which
is not bad at all. Our next stop was to be a lighthouse in Chatham.
This is in the elbow of the cape (if you picture the shape of the cape
as a guy flexing his arm) and to get there, we had to go through several
vacation towns. Traffic was horrible (no thanks to the two-lane main
street). I have never seen so many miniature golf places or places to
purchase large, inflatable water toys. But we did make it, and the
lighthouse was unfortunately underwhelming. It just wasn't very big or
impressive. But then we decided to start back toward "home" and stop in
Sandy Neck. We made it there quickly (the cape is not very big and when
traffic's moving, you can make it from one end to the other quickly),
and found a very nice little beach on Sandy Neck. I dipped my feet in
the Atlantic and it was COLD. I can't imagine swimming in there without
a wetsuit. The beach was also blessedly quiet and serene, unlike the
previous towns we had driven through. On the way "home", we stopped at
a nice little local craft shop, Ali was successful in her quest for a
piece of locally-made jewelry, and I also found an adorable bracelet.
The drive to the hotel was much less eventful than yesterday, and we
found our way back relatively quickly, and without getting turned around
or running into any reservations. Tomorrow we head home, and the fight
to get everything in the suitcase begins!

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On the Cape

-17 °C

So the drive to the Cod was easy because we pretty much did it yesterday. We headed toward Hyannis and once we got there, we checked out the JFK Hyannis Museum (since we weren’t able to get to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, we had to get at least a little Kennedy in). It was inexpensive, but it was way too small. I feel like I could have stood there for hours looking at the pictures – I know it was just supposed to capture his time in the Cod, but surely there is more stuff they could have packed in. Still, it was really interesting. Afterward, we walked down Main St. and found La Petite France Cafe and had lunch. We drove on and it got really crowded through Yarmouth – both with traffic and with stores selling inflatable pool everything in every neon color imaginable. There was also a lot of mini golf, shops, and even a big structure that was pretty much a giant trampoline. It took forever, but we eventually made it to Chatham Light and the ocean at which there was almost no visibility. We then took a different route back west with the intention of checking out Sandy Neck light house, but we didn’t realize that it was privately owned and not open to the public...and you couldn’t even see it from the spot where you can actually drive. But the views were nice and it was fun searching for rocks – and omg, the cape was freeeeeeezing! We kept driving on through Sandwich; the good thing about Martha’s Vineyard was that all the shops and stuff were really close together, but all over the Cape, everything is really spread out making it pretty much impossible to walk everywhere, so if you wanted to stop at a bunch of places, you would have to drive from one to the other. We only stopped at one place, and it was after Maura had seen it and we turned around, but it was a great find. It was an artist co-op where they were all selling their collective works and they had some really nice stuff – jewelry and pottery and photography. After getting some excellent soft-serve at “Ice Cream Sandwich” (in Sandwich, ha ha) we tried to find a gas station, of which there were many, but every single one was full serve and I’m just to cheap to pay for some dorkus to pump my gas for me. When we got back to Braintree, we checked out the South Shore Mall. After shopping, we went to the 99 Restaurant and Pub – the food wasn’t that great, but we had an excellent “Green Monster” cocktail – very location appropriate.

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Massachusetts can take their rotaries and shove 'em!

Getting lost (and found) in the Cape and Braintree

sunny 25 °C

Well, where to start.

We got a very early start this morning, picking up a rental car and
making our way down to Woods Hole for the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.
After my learning the difference between east and west, we made it to
the remote parking lot, only to find it full. Luckily, we found our way
to the second remote lot, caught the shuttle bus to Woods Hole, and by
some miracle, made it just before a ferry was about to depart (and for
Vineyard Haven, like we wanted!) It was a fairly quick ride on the
ferry, and we were on the island by 10:45. We spent some time checking
out VH, before taking the bus to Edgartown, and finally to Oak Bluffs to
catch the ferry home. There were a lot of little shops to see, but
there were some of the same shops in different towns, which was
annoying-we'd walk into a place and say, "oh, we saw this already!" We
also saw the old, 19th century carousel (Yes, I rode a carousel and am
not ashamed!) and checked out the beach.

Coming home was a bit of an adventure, as you may be able to tell from
the title of this post. It took a while to get off the ferry and back
to the lot where the car was, then it took forever to get *out* of the
lot (but we did see Tom Cruise's twin while we were there!) We seemed
to be on our way back to Braintree, but due to a poorly labeled rotary,
we missed the route we needed. So, we found a place to fuel up and have
dinner, then found our way back to the route we needed. Then the real
fun began. We drove past our hotel no fewer than three times on the
interstate. Each time, we missed the exit. I'm going to let Ali talk
about the run-in with the Indian Reservation in her post. Needless to
say, it was frustrating, but we kept laughing about it (really, how
could you not? I mean, come on? Three times? We're both intelligent,
educated women and we can't find our hotel!) and eventually found our
way back.

Tomorrow's the last full day here, and we're planning on checking out
Cape Cod some more...but I think we're going to need a better map, and
make sure we leave plenty of time to get home...after all, our flights
are Tuesday afternoon and we don't want to miss them :)

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